What Is A Flat Cutting Machine

- May 10, 2020-

Flat cutting machine can be used for cutting and drawing, so it is often called flat cutting plotter. Plate cutting machine can process all kinds of materials with precise performance, which can meet various types of industrial needs.

For tasks requiring high precision and processing for medium weight materials, the flat cutting machine is the most ideal. At the same time, the flat cutting machine is also suitable for presenting your complicated and exquisite design to instant paste, mask film, foam board, cardboard, oil board and sandblasting rubber. Part of the flat cutting machine has the ability to load a cutting knife and a drawing pen at the same time. So the designer of sample clothes / shoes can mark the media and then cut it. The user does not need to change the corresponding pen and cutter manually. In addition, some flat cutting machines also have a positioning mark detection sensor as standard equipment, which can easily recalibrate the position of the printed image on the medium used for die cutting.

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Operation procedure of flat cutting machine:

Before use, fix the material on the cutting pad of the flat cutting machine, adjust the parameters (such as pressure, speed, command format, etc.) in the flat cutting plotter according to the materials and software used to achieve the best cutting effect.

When using, the user first makes the required graphics by installing the graphic editing and processing software matched with the tablet cutting plotter in the computer. After finishing the design of the required engraving content, the user can send instructions to the flat cutting machine through the computer. The cutter controlled and driven by the computer can engrave the characters and images designed on the computer on the engraved objects (instant paste, plastic film, etc.). The flat cutting machine can also be used to cut materials in cartons or engraved paper thin metal.