What Does The Engraving Machine Cut The Oak Board

- Aug 01, 2018-

Trimming knife. Be careful to follow the lines.

In CNC machine tools, the electric spindle usually adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation method. There are three main control modes: common variable frequency drive and control, vector control drive drive and control, and direct torque control.

The common frequency conversion is scalar drive and control, and its drive control characteristic is constant torque drive, and the output power is proportional to the rotational speed. The dynamic performance of ordinary variable frequency control is not ideal. The control performance is not good at low speed, the output power is not stable enough, and the C axis function is not available. However, it is cheap and simple in structure, and is generally used in grinding machines and ordinary high-speed milling machines.

special requirements

The nitrocellulose wood is used, but it cannot be used in mahogany furniture and mahogany. These topcoat oils seep out Mutong. An aqueous colorant for lint stain (NGR), and a filler for nitro, in topcoats, oily stains or other fillers - nitrocellulose is dissolved in a solvent and cannot be used incompatible with the topcoat colorant and filler. Primers that are diluted with lacquer, shellac or compatible with nitro primer can be used as a nitro topcoat.

Must be adequately prepared and polished with a wood-penetrating resin finish. The resin coated with the topcoat of the wood surface, or any other rough defects, is very noticeable. Before applying the resin, you should use a sticky cloth to thoroughly clean the surface of the furniture.

Whenever possible, the penetrating resin should be applied to a level surface. Part of the content of the moving furniture, they should be taken down and brushed horizontally. You can use a clean brush or cloth resin to infiltrate or brush with 0000 steel wool, brush your teeth, or directly into the resin in the wood.