Vinyl Cutter Sticker Plotter Decal Sign Machine

- Sep 26, 2019-

The cutting plotter is generally composed of driving motor, interpolator, control circuit, plotter, penholder, mechanical transmission, etc. In addition to the necessary hardware equipment, the plotter must also be equipped with abundant drawing software. Only software and hardware are combined.

In order to realize automatic drawing. Software includes basic software and application software. There are many kinds of plotters. According to their structure and working principle, they can be divided into two types: drum plotter and platform plotter. When the X-direction stepping motor drives the drum to rotate through the transmission mechanism, the sprocket drives the drawing to move, thus realizing the X-direction movement. Y direction movement is realized by Y direction stepping motor driving penholder. This plotter has compact structure and large plotting area. But it needs special drawing paper with chain holes on both sides. (2) Platform plotter. The drawing platform is equipped with crossbeams, the pen rack is installed on the crossbeams, and the drawing paper is fixed on the platform. The X-direction stepping motor drives the cross beam along with the penholder to move in the X-direction; the Y-direction stepping motor drives the penholder along the guide rail of the cross beam to move in the Y-direction. There are three methods of fixing the drawings on the platform, namely vacuum adsorption, electrostatic adsorption and magnetic strip compaction. Platform plotter has high drawing accuracy, no special requirements for drawing paper, and is widely used.

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