Vinyl Cutter Logo Design

- Aug 03, 2018-

Vinyl cutting logo design and production software

The main advantage:

• Single design and production station - All vector tools required to design vinyl cutting marks and complete bitmap tools for designing graphics for wide digital printing or printing and cutting graphics can be outsourced for production.

• Integration workflow with other design packages - Use the "Automatically install in these packages" to send to the SignLab plugin to work seamlessly with Corel, Illustrator and PhotoShop. One error-free and fast way to use multiple files, May be included in your final design.

• Supports all the latest and traditional vinyl cutting machines – SignLab Vinyl Pro includes features developed in close cooperation with all major ethylene cutter manufacturers for more than 20 years. The combination of ethylene cutting functions included in this package is unmatched in the specific functions used by Signmakers every day.

Applicable to:

Producing signs for vinyl cutting signs, but also creating designs that require digital or digital printing and cutting marks and graphics, but outsourcing them to other stores for production. Includes hundreds of vinyl cutting device drivers, supports multiple cutters at the same time, and includes all the advanced graphic design tools required for full color digital printing graphics.