Treatment Method For Indentation Of Two-seat Die-cutting Machine

- Aug 15, 2018-

Treatment method for indentation of two-seat die-cutting machine

The precision of die-cutting machine is the most important standard to measure the quality of die-cutting. It is an important guarantee for the production of qualified products. It often happens that the die-cutting precision does not meet the requirements of the design. There are various factors that affect the accuracy of die cutting. Let's take a closer look at what causes and solutions.

1. The distance between the positioning of the positioning frame before and after the die cutting machine is relatively small. Because the chain itself has a certain error, if the positioning distance is too small, the chain error can not be eliminated in the front and rear positioning, which affects the die cutting precision.

The solution should adjust the cam position of the adjusting screw of the front positioning pendulum or the rear positioning pendulum so that the front and rear positioning frame can move the tooth row by 2 to 3 mm.

2. The pressure of the die-cutting machine is too small or uneven. For example, the movable tooth elasticity of the crepe paper is reduced by long-term use, causing the paper to slip or fall off during the transfer process, thereby directly affecting the die-cutting precision; uneven pressure between the grippers may cause the paper to be in the die-cutting process. Skewed.

Solution, replace the moving teeth, the fixed teeth should also be consistent in the horizontal level, otherwise there may be paper collision or paper wrinkling after creping, which affects the precision of die cutting.

3. The main drive chain of the die-cutting machine wears and stretches, which will directly affect the positioning accuracy before die-cutting. The intermittent mechanism wears, causing the tooth row to shake during the stop or start process, thus affecting the die cutting precision.

Solution, replace the chain. The intermittent mechanism should be overhauled.

4. During the operation of the die-cutting machine, the paperboard is deformed or stretched, which causes the “overprinting” to be inaccurate, thus affecting the precision of the die-cutting.

Solution, choose the right paper to reduce the impact of the material itself on the die cutting accuracy.

5. The die-cutting or die-cutting of the die-cutting machine is not accurate. Long-term use of the machine will cause the positioning block on the die-cut frame or the die-cut substrate to wear out, so that the matching clearance is too large and the die-cutting precision is lowered. The wear of the side positioning plate is an important factor that causes the side positioning to be inaccurate. Since the amount of the positioning is insufficient to compensate for the amount of wear, the side positioning accuracy is deteriorated.

Solution, replace the positioning block. Replace the side positioning plate.