There Is A Big Difference Between Laser Engraving Machine And Cnc Engraving Machine!

- Aug 15, 2020-

Laser engraving machine is widely used in the processing industry. Both laser engraving machine and CNC engraving machine are indispensable in our industrial production. There are differences between the two types of equipment. We should know the difference between the two types of equipment in advance when selecting, so as to make the equipment more valuable. Let's analyze the differences between the two types of equipment.

laser engraving machine and cnc engraving machine


The cutting principle of laser engraving machine is to gather the laser beam energy on the surface of the workpiece for hot processing, and liquefy and vaporize the surface of the workpiece through high temperature to complete the carving or cutting. The CNC cutting head is used to cut through the cutting tool. Both of them can be operated by computer with high degree of automation.


Laser engraving machine uses laser, which melts vaporized materials at high temperature, which is similar to combustion. Due to different cutting materials, it needs to adjust power and speed, otherwise the effect is not satisfactory.

And CNC engraving machine is physical cutting through the cutter head, compared with the laser engraving machine is very expensive, high cost.

Processing technology:

Processing technology is a very important reference selection index, we choose two kinds of equipment is to carry out effective cutting, if the effect is not good, there is no need to choose. The laser engraving machine can process most of the materials. The metal, non-metallic thin materials and some materials with high melting point and no excessive chemical reaction after combustion are applied with laser engraving machine; Laser can process various shapes of materials, and CNC engraving machine processing for small details is more difficult, some points such as CNC engraving machine is difficult to achieve exquisite, but for some three-dimensional engraving machine is incomparable.

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