The Operation Steps Of The Cutting Plotter

- Feb 27, 2019-

1.Connect the cutting plotter and the power socket with the supplied power cable. <br>

2. Connect the plotter to the computer with the supplied communication cable. <br>

3. Turn on the power supply<br>

4 and engrave the knives or drawing pens into the knives.<br>

5. Place the media. (Computer cutting plotter for materials: reflective film, sticky notes, wall stickers, car body film, stickers, paper, kraft paper, etc.) <br>

6, set parameters (coordinate origin, knife or pen speed, knife or pen pressure, etc. Start with low speed engraving). <br>

7, try to engrave. For example: the micro-carving computer plotter presses the "offline" button, and then presses the "acceleration" and "deceleration" buttons at the same time, the lettering opportunity to perform the internal self-test program to test the graphics; <br>

8, the computer transmits data, starts lettering or drawing