The Difference Between Laser Printer And Inkjet Printer

- May 01, 2020-

For general consumers, when purchasing printers, the most basic choice is whether to buy inkjet printers or laser printers. These two printers have their own advantages and disadvantages, which need to be weighed according to the functions and functions required by users.

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1. The laser printer is fixed by the toner drum, while the ink-jet printer is realized by the ink cartridge, so the printing clarity of the laser printer is generally higher than that of the ink-jet printer.

2. Ink jet printers can print color images, while the laser printers used in general are only black and white. Although the laser printers also have color, the cost performance is not good, and the family is generally not recommended to use.

3. The format of the printer is also different. Generally, the laser printer is A4 format, and the ink-jet printer is A3 format. If you want to print large format content, it is recommended to buy an inkjet printer.

4. In terms of printing speed, the laser printer is much faster than the ink-jet printer, and its working efficiency is much higher.

5. In terms of consumables, most of laser printers can use alternative toner and can change toner by themselves, while ink-jet printers need to use special ink. Although they can also be modified into a continuous supply system by themselves now, the effect is not good. So the cost of laser printer consumables is lower.

6. Finally, we need to choose according to our own needs and workplace. Laser printers are generally suitable for enterprises or offices, that is to say, they need to work efficiently and adapt to the places with large workload, while inkjet printers are generally suitable for families with small workload and small printing volume.