Several Advantages Of Using A Thermal Transfer Printing Machine

- Jun 04, 2019-

First, the color is bright, the level is rich: multiple sets of color technology combinations, the color is more perfect.

Second, washable and anti-sun: long-term preservation does not fade, repeated use, color fastness can reach 4 levels.

Third, environmental protection and pollution-free: the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, green processing, no negative effects on the human body.

Fourth, the new concept of thermal transfer printing: the printing process is simple, greatly simplifying the thermal transfer printing process.

Fifth, the production cycle is short: direct proofing, saving plate making costs and cycles, a flower-shaped print.

Sixth, it is not limited by the size of the flower shape return: it overcomes the problem of the traditional printing back limit and cannot be printed.

Seven, arbitrary flower shape design: the design space is infinite, the pattern color is accurate, and there is no third color produced by the overprint in the traditional printing.