Round Die Cutting Machine Advantages

- Aug 18, 2018-

There are many advantages to the circular die-cutting machine. Here are six advantages for your reference:

(1) High production efficiency. Printing and die-cutting are carried out with a maximum speed of 350 to 400 m/mln.

(2) The die cutting quality is good. Circular die cutting is a line contact. Small working pressure, good product forming stability, geometric shape and accurate size.

(3) High precision of die cutting. The circular die-cutting machine is equipped with a high-precision registering device and a die-cutting phase adjustment device to achieve a relatively high die-cutting accuracy. The tension control system that feeds the paper through the web can improve the positioning accuracy of printing, die cutting, and indentation.

(4) Long service life. The round die cutting roller can be ground 3 times. After each grinding, it can run 10 million rpm far higher than other die cutting methods.

(5) A wide range of applications. Circular die cutting can be combined with offset press, gravure flexographic printing press and other printing die-cutting production line. Moreover, the fastest growing among packaging and printing materials is film and metal foil, which is also a new opportunity for round die-cutting machines.

(6) Save paper. The circular round die cutting method adopts the roll feeding mode, and there is no need to leave the mouth and the tip position during the typesetting, and the continuous cross typesetting can be performed, which can save about 6% of the paper. For companies such as cigarette pack printing plants. The cost savings are considerable.

Comparison of several processes and advantages and disadvantages of die cutting

Die-cutting of steel cutters is the most common form of custom die-cutting. The method is to make a profiled "steel knife" according to customer specifications, and cut out the parts by punching.

Rotary die cutting is mainly used for bulk coil cutting. Rotary die cutting is suitable for soft to semi-rigid materials, which are pressed between the cutting edges of the cylindrical mold and the cylindrical anvil. This form is commonly used for pad die cutting.

Advantages of rotary die cutting:

Volume discount, low cost

Fast processing, high output, low material loss

Suitable for "kiss cut" project

High cutting precision and small tolerance

Can be combined with coating and lamination

Laser die cutting is used for traditional steel die cutting, which can not meet the cutting precision. The cutting process is clean and no cutting heat is generated, which is suitable for mass cutting.

Of course, there are several die-cutting forms. I won't discuss them here. I hope that the above-mentioned die-cutting forms can help you.