Plate Cutting Machine Electrostatic Adsorption Principle

- Aug 07, 2018-

Electrostatic adsorption principle of flat-plate cutting machine is a very common natural phenomenon. For example, some clothes are particularly absorbing dust because the cloth used is easy to generate static electricity, and the surface of the screen of ordinary display will also generate static electricity, so it will also absorb small pieces of paper. Dust, etc. The electrostatic countertop is to use the above electrostatic adsorption principle to generate static electricity by an electrostatic generator and then control the shape and range of the electrostatic electric field through special materials to adsorb the surface of the cardboard workpiece. Electrostatic countertops are convenient, clean, safe, quiet, energy efficient, durable and many more. But static electricity is neither visible nor touchable. The static countertop uses a kind of low-voltage static electricity. The human body can't directly feel the existence of its electric field. Only when the electrostatic countertop absorbs the human hair, can we feel it, and even the common electrical instrument can't directly detect it.

The application of flat-plate cutting machine Compared with the friction-driven drum type cutting plotter, the flat-blade cutting machine can use more materials, so the application range is also broader, such as: shop door, fluorescent signs, body advertising, sunshade, production Thermal transfer patterns, packaging design, garment proofing, masking film, sandblasting rubber stencils, etc. for personalized T-shirts.