Laser Cutting Machine Annoying Development Trend

- Mar 18, 2019-

1 fiber laser cutting machine industry has reached an unprecedented height

According to industry reports, the fiber laser cutting machine industry is expected to reach an unprecedented level of growth by 2018. It is estimated that by the end of this year, the industry value will reach about 3.77 billion US dollars, reaching $ 6.72 billion by 2024. Much of the growth is due to the fact that many industries are investing in fiber laser cutting machines to replace older technologies, and many industries and regulators have increased their support for laser cutting in recent years. New FDA and FAA requirements for laser-engraved parts and equipment information have also contributed to the growth of the industry.

2 fiber laser market will grow substantially

Not all fiber laser cutting machines are the same. There will be a significant growth in the fiber laser market in 2018. Although not as good at cutting thicker materials as CO2 lasers, fiber lasers do have advantages in some applications. When cutting thin materials, they are less expensive to maintain, easier to use, faster, and more efficient, so many companies invest in CO2 lasers to accomplish specific tasks. According to Transparency Market Research, the fiber laser market will maintain a 4.6% annual growth rate between now and 2026.

3 automated laser

Lasers have become an important part of automated processes in many industries, including shipbuilding, aerospace and automotive manufacturing. According to a shipbuilder, adding laser cutting to its manufacturing process, combined with robotics, helps increase productivity while reducing overtime and improving plant safety. In addition, laser cutting machines can be used to make and repair replacement parts, reducing the time required for repairs. As fiber laser cutting machines become more and more popular in these industries, fiber laser cutting machines continue to contribute to the overall development of the industry. Different types of fiber laser cutting machines are suitable for different application fields, and their needs are also Growing.

4 fiber laser cutting machine demand growth in the education market

As more and more schools implement “manufacturer space” as part of the STEM education program, the laser cutting machine market is also growing. In fact, an industry expert pointed out that from the simple “manufacturer space” of high school to the university training programs such as engineering, art and architecture, laser cutting machines are needed, so the education market is one of the biggest buyers of laser cutting machines. And it will continue to do so in the future, so it is expected that this area will continue to grow significantly.

5 requirements for laser cutting quality increase

A trend in the entire manufacturing industry is the increasing demand for production processes that are not only fast, cost-effective, but also of high quality. Today's high-tech products and competitive environments require precise cutting of parts, and laser cutting is easy. In fact, experts point out that the right cutting tools can make the quality of the manufactured products different.

In terms of nature, fiber laser cutting machines are more accurate, especially 3M materials, because laser cutting machines require less operator than other types of cutting machines. All of this eliminates human error in the cutting process and reduces the time required to cut materials using more traditional processes. This is expected to be the main driver of growth in the laser cutting industry next year, making it a safe investment.