How To Solve Frequently Asked Questions For Cutting Plotter

- Jun 14, 2019-

If there are some problems below, you can solve it.

(1) why the lettering will be deformed or not sealed?

1. The knife pressure is too large. Or the tip of the knife is too long, or the table is too dirty (sticking with sticky adhesive) or the sticky note is too soft, or the surface of the sticky note is too wrinkled. The front and rear movement of the pressed portion of the paper is deformed by excessive resistance and lags behind the rotation of the main roller, causing the glyph to be distorted and not sealed.

2. The software settings are not appropriate.

3. The trolley belt is too tight; or the main roller screw is loose; or the gear on the motor shaft is loose, which will cause the trolley or the main roller to not accurately follow the motor movement and cause glyph distortion and no sealing.

4. The font shape is not distorted but not sealed, which is caused by the software closure compensation value being too small.

5. The knife may not rotate smoothly in the holder. Please clean the holder bearing with alcohol slightly. 6. The pressure roller may not press on the roller shaft;

(2)  why the words are different in depth, and some places have been broken, but some papers have not yet been carved through?

1. The tip of the knife extends too far from the holder. The correct method: the length of the knife tip should be adjusted to 2/3 of the paper thickness to ensure that the pressure will not be broken, and then the regulator will be pressed to ensure that the paper can be penetrated at all positions.

2. A groove has been engraved on the bead, or the new bead is unevenly attached, and the bead is placed on the step to form a bevel.

(3)  why doodle?

1. The software settings are not appropriate. One type of cutting plotter should support DM/PL language cutting plotter, should choose the same kind

model. Another example is that the tool nose compensation should be turned off (low speed 1CM or less can open the tool nose compensation. But compensation The value should be reasonable).

2. The serial parallel port is connected at the same time.

3. The engraved file is interrupted after it has not been output.

4. The keyboard is operated while the parallel port is transmitting data.

5. The lettering software has been damaged or the computer is infected with a virus.

6. With an improper regulated power supply. Strong interference occurs when the relay is turned on and off. Caused communication data error.

(4)  Why is there a deviation?

1. The sticky note starts to be uncorrected: 60CM paper is skewed 06MM, and 5 meters away will be 5 meters away.

2. The countertop is too dirty or has a sticky adhesive, which causes the sides to be unbalanced by the negative force of the paper, resulting in a gradual deflection. Cause left and right deviation:

3. The pressure roller wears out, or the pressure roller does not match. Will cause left and right deviation, the left and right pressure wheels should be slightly tapered, with the big head facing outward. The pressure of the pressure roller is too small, and the paper is easily deflected by external force.

4. The weight of the sticky notes is different before and after (such as before and after the short. The picture is more complicated, which will cause backwards)

Offset, it is best to pick up a piece of paper at the front end).

5. The motor loses step and causes deviation.

(5) the two sides are carved through, the middle is not carved, what should I do?

1. The car line is not in good contact

2. The knife seat is loose

3. The middle beam is low

4. The bead is uneven

(6)  the graphics I designed under Coreldraw, how to output the plotter?

If you are using a cutting plotter, please install the driver (the supplied floppy disk) and use the printout directly. If it is another machine, you can export the file to *.PLT format under Coreldraw and select read under the file menu in Wentai. Into, transfer to Wentai slightly adjusted, you can output.

(7)  the machine found the output error when outputting the file, I choose to turn off the power, can it?

Please do not turn off the power, which will reduce the life of the machine. At this time, please press the pause button to cancel the computer-side output task, select the clear memory item in the machine menu, and when the large document is deleted, it needs to be cleared several times.