How To Deal With The Track Wear Of The Die-cutting Machine

- Aug 16, 2018-

Die-cutting principle: The motor drives the flywheel and the worm-gear pair to transmit the power to the crankshaft through the electromagnetic clutch (or pneumatic clutch). Then the crankshaft acts on the link mechanism and the toggle mechanism to change the rotary motion of the motor into the vertical direction. The moving platform realizes reciprocating motion. When the moving platform reciprocates to the top dead center, the gripper row brings the paper to the die-cutting knife line fixed on the upper platform, thereby achieving die-cutting of the paper.

How to deal with the wear of the guide of the die-cutting machine?

(1) If the height is not enough, add a gasket. Determination of the thickness of the gasket; when ensuring the parallel spacing of the two large faces is 27.8mm, install the small connecting rod, the small shaft of the support, and the artificial push-pull support, about 2kg of force just passed the dead point, then the height of the gasket It is appropriate.

(2) If the height is too high, the bottom surface of the support should be repaired in parallel, that is, the part where the working height is too high.

(3) Trimming of the friction disc; after aligning on the lathe, a small amount of turning on the friction surface can be smoothed.

(4) Trimming of the coil box; after aligning on the lathe, firstly grinding the friction surface, and then turning the end surface of the coil box housing so that the plane of the brake belt is 0.2 mm higher than the end surface of the housing (the repair life of the coil box is: The final car goes to the engraved line on the outer garden).

Rotary die cutting machine performance characteristics:

1.PLC control, the operation panel is touch screen

2. Each die cutting station is driven by a separate servo

3. The receiving shaft is driven independently by the servo motor (except for the two main discharge shafts)

4. Retractable material shaft is equipped with constant tension control system

5. Maximum speed 40 meters / minute

6. Effective die cutting width of 150mm and 250mm