Garment Plotter Flat Cutting Machine

- Aug 05, 2018-

The new economical cutting machine adopts a humanized operation panel to make the operation easier and more convenient. Cutting and computer operation can be carried out simultaneously. The imported timing belt is used as the transmission belt, and the working speed is comparable to that of the imported machine.

The market positioning of the flat cutting machine for garment plotter: suitable for enterprises that need to cut clean board or thick paper board, plastic board and so on. Because it is a flat design, the vacuum pump is attracted, so the floor space is large and the running noise is large.

The flat cutting machine of garment plotter features: mature technology, stable and reliable quality, affordable price, low maintenance cost, mainly used for cutting thick cardboard

Pattern cutter performance indicators:

Working characteristics: computer operation and cutting simultaneously, fast data transmission, continuous use.

Motor: stepper motor, servo motor.

Cutting speed: up to 900mm/S.

Product specifications: 1220*920mm, 1500*920mm, 1500*1200mm.

Cutting materials: yellow thick cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board, white cardboard, chicken paper, fiber bottom plate and rubber sheet.

Work instructions: HPGL instruction format, can support a variety of CAD software.

With the development and rise of clothing CAD technology, technology applications are constantly being updated. Among them, the garment template cutting machine is the most important auxiliary application equipment. Due to its continuous upgrading, it has laid the technical popularization and application of garment CAD.

The garment CAD cutting machine is the main application of the garment template cutting equipment in the market. In recent years, the development and improvement of the garment CAD technology has become more and more prominent. The performance of the milling cutter has become more and more prominent. Compared with the main advantages, the main advantages are as follows:

1. Low noise, no odor, improve working environment;

2, energy saving, efficiency, and promote business efficiency.