Electrostatic Adsorption Use Precautions

- Aug 09, 2018-

Before the operation of the flat cutting machine, the material is tiled and fixed on the cutting pad of the flat cutting machine, and the parameters in the flat cutting plotter (such as pressure, speed, command format, etc.) are adjusted according to the materials and software used. ) to achieve the best cutting results. When in use, the user first creates the desired graphic by using the graphic editing processing software installed in the computer and the flat cutting plotter. After completing the design of the desired engraved content, the user can issue instructions to the flatbed cutter through the computer. The computer-controlled, driven flat-blade cutter engraves the text and images that have been designed on the computer on the engraved objects (immediate stickers, plastic film, etc.). The flatbed cutter can also be used to cut the contents of a carton carton or engrave the thin metal of the paper.

Flat cutting machine electrostatic adsorption normal use steps

1. Place the paper position

2, open the electrostatic switch

3. Flatten the paper with your hand or cloth. (If you need to adjust, you must turn off the electrostatic switch, wait 2 to 3 seconds for the static electricity to completely disappear and then adjust the paper position.)

4. After the drawing (cutting) is completed, turn off the static switch and wait for 2 to 3 seconds for the static electricity to disappear and then remove the paper.

5. Clean the paper and dust on the table with a clean, dry cloth. (If you use a damp cloth, you must wait until the table is completely dry before you can continue to use it)

Flat cutting machine electrostatic adsorption use precautions

1. Keep the countertop clean and flat as much as possible, such as not knocking, blanching, etc.

2. Do not move the paper back and forth when the static electricity is turned on.

3. If cutting, it is best to lay a soft PVC on the table as a protective film and replace it regularly.

4. When the static electricity is turned on, the table top will absorb any small particles close to it, so when not working, try not to open static electricity to avoid dust adsorption, and develop a good habit of cleaning the countertop frequently.

5, in order to prevent the paper from being deformed, the paper can be fixed at four corners to prevent the hanging knife (pen), especially when the paper is soft.