Die Cutter Selection

- Aug 17, 2018-

How to solve the explosion of the die-cutting machine should be analyzed according to the specific situation:

1. The paper is brittle and the water content is low, especially the paper which has been polished by high temperature and is easy to explode when die cutting. At this time, the paper is conditioned before the die-cutting, and the water can be used to pass the water to the back of the paper to increase the water content, so that the grade is slightly flexible, and then the die-cutting machine is used. If the line is broken after the die-cutting, the water can be wiped at the crease to relieve the explosion.

2, the surface of the printed matter has a large area of blue or black and other dark colors, and it is easy to explode and blast after die cutting. In the dark ink, no ink additive is added or added in the dark ink to enhance the adhesion of the ink on the paper, and to reduce the color explosion and the explosion phenomenon.

3. When the thickness of the paper (board) is too large, it is easy to produce a blast line. At this time, the height of the die-cut steel wire should be reasonable.

4, the steel plate under the pad after the explosive line, at this time should be thinned pad paper.

5. When the pressure of the die-cutting machine is too high, the line is explosive. At this time, the pressure should be reduced, so that the waste edge is just separated.

6, the indentation mold or bottom paper is too thick, narrow indentation, explosive line. Indentation dies of appropriate thickness should be used, and the width of the indentation should be moderate.

7. The paper powder falling from the slit accumulates in the explosive line in the tank. The operator should remove clean paper, foreign objects, etc. in time.

Die cutter selection

Standard knives and bimodal knives are commonly used according to the shape of the cutting edge. When the die-cut thickness is greater than 0,5mm, it is recommended to use a bimodal knife. This knife has two oblique knives, which can effectively reduce the negative effect of the two convex surfaces. And the cutting edge is extremely sharp and easy to cut into the cardboard.

The specifications of the standard knife are mainly 0.71 X 23.8mm, 7.07 X 23.8mm, 1.42 X 23.8mm, and the height specifications of the high knife are 30mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm. It should be selected according to the specific product thickness and the thickness of the die cut.