Desktop Cutting Machine Function

- Aug 02, 2018-

More than a decade ago, the advent of advanced vinyl cutting machines changed the signage and image printing business. Today it is still the industry leader in technology, and can provide the fastest and most accurate edge cutting equipment, providing clear and eye-catching finished products. Equipment can be used to make body trims, stickers, labels, clothing and a variety of other products.

Desktop cutting machine function

Suitable for cutting vinyl, painted panels, twill fabrics, thermal transfer, sand blasting and many other materials

The purchase price includes a bracket that can be used to secure the reel product and is easy to set up

Overlap cutting (up to 10 times) for cutting thicker materials such as magnetic materials and thick cardboard

Efficient cutting with high speeds of up to 20 inches per second for efficient production.

Small device, big function

For compact products, under the price and product level restrictions, the powerful features are enough to make them stand out. Together with the accompanying software, users can use the simple print registration function to tile the design and cut the pattern along the edges. A variety of different materials can also be handled with a simple USB connection and print image adjustment lever.

Can handle a variety of panels and materials


Twill fabric

Painted panel

Thermal transfer

Reflective vinyl

Etching material