Cutting Machine Working Characteristics

- Aug 10, 2018-

Connect any CAD software, cut kraft paper, white cardboard, chicken paper, yellow cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board, fiber midsole, carbon fiber prepreg and rubber sheet, etc., widely used in clothing, shoes, bags Other industries;

The double head of the knife and pen can be cut and painted, and the half knife can be adjusted. The cutting thickness and speed are good, the corner performance is excellent, and the material is not connected.

High-performance integrated circuit board, high cutting speed, high precision, Chinese and English LCD display, easy to operate and design;

It adopts network interface, which has fast transmission speed and convenient connection with computer. It can realize one computer to control multiple devices in the LAN (upstairs and downstairs), and it is also convenient to implement multiple computers to control one device. Old-fashioned equipment uses the old serial port parallel port. It is very inconvenient to buy the device and add this interface to the computer.)

The storage capacity of the fuselage reaches 1G, and the receiving data is faster, ensuring no data loss.

Working characteristics:

Simultaneous computer operation and cutting, fast data transfer, continuous use.

Motor: stepper motor, servo motor.

Cutting speed: up to 900mm/S.

Product specifications: 1220*920mm, 1500*920mm, 1500*1200mm.

Cutting materials: yellow thick cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board, white cardboard, chicken paper, fiber bottom plate and rubber sheet.

Work instructions: HPGL instruction format, can support a variety of CAD software.

Features: mature technology, stable and reliable quality, affordable price, low maintenance cost, mainly used for cutting thick cardboard

Market Positioning: It is suitable for enterprises that need to cut clean boards or thick paper plates and plastic plates. Because it is a flat design, the vacuum pump is attracted, so the floor space is large and the running noise is large.