Common Fault Problems And Specific Solutions For Advertising Engraving Machines

- Apr 11, 2019-

1. The advertising engraving machine does not move or move normally when the single axis or the three axes do not move.


1. The control card is loose or faulty; 2. The corresponding axis of the drive is faulty; 3. The corresponding axis stepping motor is faulty; 4. The corresponding coupling is broken or loose (the coupling is loose and the symptoms are manifested, when engraving The font is misaligned); 5. The corresponding screw breaks or the screw nut fails; 6. The corresponding shaft slips quickly; 7. The driver subdivision number and current are different from those in the software.


Second, the engraving machine has different depths of engraving


1. Control card loose or fault; 2. Stepper motor fault; 3. Driver fault or current subdivision is inconsistent with software setting; 4.z axis motor line fault; 5. Spindle motor fault; 6. Inverter interference or data setting Incorrect; 7. Static interference; 8. Computer virus or system problems; 9. Work platform is not flat.


Third, the advertising engraving machine has an error


1. Control card loose or fault; 2. Driver failure; 3. Stepper motor failure; 4. Static interference; 5. Motor line failure; 6. Data line failure; 7. Path is wrong; 8. Coupling break or Loose; 9. Processing speed is too fast; (system parameter curve acceleration is too large) 10. Computer system problems or viruses).


Fourth, the advertising engraving machine z-axis out of control (Zha knife)


1. Control card loose or fault; 2. Static interference; 3. Z-axis motor line fault; 4. File path error; 5. Inverter interference; 6. Computer system has problems or virus; 7. Z-axis motor power Not enough, the coupling is loose; 8. The current of the Z-axis drive is too small, or the signal line is wrong.


Five, advertising engraving machine


1. Control card failure; 2. Inverter interference; 3. File path error; 4. Static interference; 5. Software setting problem; 6. Driver failure or current subdivision setting error; 7. Data line failure; The computer has a virus or system problem.


Sixth, the engraving machine is not flat


1. The spindle and the table are not perpendicular to the correction (performance symptoms: the depth of the lower knife and the knife is different); 2. The knife has a problem; 3. The control card has a problem; 4. The Z-axis drive or the Z-axis screw has a problem.


Seven, the engraving machine is misplaced or the size is wrong


1. Check the path of the engraving software is correct or not; 2. Check the gap size of the screw and the tightening screw of the polished rod; 3. Check that the software parameters are set correctly.


Eight, when the X-axis of the engraving machine is walking, the Z-axis does not raise the knife, and it goes up but goes down.


1. Check whether the Z-axis stepper motor is running normally, the power and the current of the driver or its own fault; 2. Check if the Z-axis stepper motor line has poor contact or intermediate disconnection; 3. The control card is faulty.


Nine, the engraving machine spindle motor does not rotate or reverse


1. Check the setting of the parameters of the inverter; 2. Whether the signal line of the inverter is reversed.


X. When the engraving machine is turned on, the axis is turned off.


1. Problems with the drive or poor contact of the computer output signal line; 2. Poor contact of the motor line.


11. The limit phenomenon occurs during the engraving process of the engraving machine


1. Check if the engraving path exceeds the engraving range; 2. The soft limit set by the parameters in the software.


12. The engraving machine's sending software can't open normally, and the engraving stuff is deformed.


1. Reinstall the new system and software; 2. Check if the X, Y axis screw and screw are loose; 3. The carving knife has a problem.


13. The spindle motor suddenly stops or slows down during the working process of the engraving machine.


1. The working voltage is unstable or overloaded, and a voltage regulator can be added; 2. Check if the middle line is connected, and whether the wire ends are desoldered.


14. When the engraving machine sets the origin, the distance between the forward and the right is sometimes uncertain.


1. The limit switch fails. When the system returns to the original point of the system, the limit switch is closed and popped open, and the limit switch can be changed. 2. The drive line is loose, try to fix it tightly.


15. When the engraving machine starts resetting, the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis positions may be indefinite.


1. The limit switch is broken (the limit switch is always closed), and it can be replaced; 2. The drive line is broken (X-axis 14-pin and 15-pin short-circuit, Y-axis 13-pin and 15-pin short-circuit, Z-axis 31-pin and 15-pin Short circuit), change the drive line or separate the short circuit; 3. The drive board is broken, you can change the drive board.


Sixteen, the engraving machine spindle stopped


1. Internal short circuit of the spindle; 2. Current shielding; 3. Incorrect parameter setting of the inverter or its own fault; 4. Fault of the control card; 5. Short circuit of the main axis or data line.


Seventeen, the engraving machine spindle rotation sound is not normal


1. The inverter is set incorrectly; 2. The spindle does not turn; 3. The spindle itself has a problem (bearing damage).


18. When the engraving machine moves or returns to the mechanical origin, the direction is opposite.


1. Change the file in Notepad; 2. Modify the wiring method of the inverter; 3. Modify the motor direction in Weihong Software.


Nineteen, the engraving machine can not return to the mechanical origin


1. The direction is opposite; 2. The control card is faulty or loose; 3. The limit switch or data line is faulty; 4. The driver is faulty; 5. The step is close to the motor fault.


Twenty, the engraving machine spindle can not automatically turn or stop


1. Control card failure; 2. Inverter failure.


Twenty-one, the engraving machine opens the Weihong software, the computer prompts "operation failed" prompt


1. Check if the driver of the board is installed, or replace the board with a PCI slot; 2. Reinstall the two data cables to check if there is any broken needle; 3. There is a problem with the board, replace Board.


Twenty-two, the engraving machine opens the software prompt: three-axis alarm, initialization error number four


1. Check if the two data cables of the computer and the machine are connected; 2. Check whether the fuse of the adapter board in the control box is burned and replace the fuse; 3. Check if the 85V power supply is normally powered.