Woodworking CNC engraving machine noise is abnormal

- Sep 15, 2018-

It is normal for the woodworking engraving machine to have noise. At a certain frequency, the wood engraving machine will also generate resonance of the body and emit obvious noise. This type of noise does not affect the normal use of the machine.

How to judge the noise abnormality of woodworking CNC engraving machine, the noise that affects and is harmful to woodworking engraving machine mainly manifests in the following two categories:

1. Abnormal noise is emitted when the spindle motor is running.

The generation of such noise proves that there is a quality problem in the spindle bearing or the service life of the spindle bearing has arrived, or the quality is degraded or damaged after wear, and replacement can be considered at this time.

2. Abnormal noise is emitted when walking axially. This type of phenomenon is mostly present on the X axis.

Mostly the axial motor bearing is damaged or the X-axis guide rail lacks lubricating oil, dirty, too tight, ball wear, ball drop, etc., must be handled in time.

Woodworking CNC engraving machine operation notes:

1. For non-standard engraved objects, consider whether you must use a cone-shaped knife nose. If the pressure of the engraving machine diamond head moves during the engraving process, the pressure on the side of the tool will cause the movement of the engraved object;

2, because the engraving machine is often equipped with multi-function pliers or chucks, and they are made of iron, so it is easy to damage the engraved objects or make them fall during the engraving process, then use some rubber caps or rubber tubes It will help in the fixation of the engraved objects;

3. Pay attention to whether the selected pliers or chucks are used incorrectly. At the same time, the wear of the engraving machine pliers or the chuck will also cause the misalignment of the engraved objects. If the pliers or the chucks are too tight, the cutter heads are in contact with the engraved objects. Instantly also causes the engraving to pop up.

Woodworking CNC engraving machines are widely used and have broad development prospects, involving various industries.

1. Furniture decoration industry: large-area plate flat engraving, solid wood, panel furniture engraving. Solid wood art murals, solid wood doors, cabinet door carvings;

2, wood products processing: sewing machine countertops, electrical countertops, sports equipment;

3, musical instrument industry: can be carved musical instruments three-dimensional surface, shape cutting.