What should I do if the laser tube of the laser engraving machine is not lit?

- Apr 11, 2019-

1 The voltmeter has an indication that the power supply line has an open circuit. Poor contact with the foot switch or manual switch. Check: Measure with a multimeter. Handling: Repair or replacement.


2The voltmeter has no indication. The common fuse is broken, or the circuit has an open circuit. Check with a multimeter to measure. Remedy: Replace the fuse or switch on the circuit.


3 The power indicator is off. Common fuses are broken, the incoming line is not well connected, the indicator line is bad, or the indicator is broken. Check: Check the fuse, check the power supply line, and check the indicator circuit. Handling: Replace the fuse, repair the wire and replace the indicator light.


4 continuous burning fuses are common in the machine has a short circuit, and the machine has serious dirt. Check: Check the line step by step, mostly for short circuit in the high voltage part. Handling: Repair short circuit and remove dirt.


5 There are discharge sounds or arc lights in the machine. There are dust in the machine. The water or the air is too humid and corrosive. Check: Observe the discharge point in the dark. Handling: Remove dust, water, etc., and change the working environment.


6 Laser output is unstable. There is a bad contact in the machine. There is a slight intermittent short circuit in the machine. Check: Check the line step by step. Disposal: Replace the wire, re-weld the wire, and clean it.