What is the difference between laser printer and inkjet printer

- Nov 13, 2019-

Laser printer and ink-jet printer are two of the most frequently used printers. The ink-jet printer has bright colors, but the printing speed is slow and the consumables are expensive. The laser printer has fast printing speed and high precision. In fact, these two printers use two completely different printing technologies. Let's see the difference between these two printers.

Laser printer is a kind of printing and output equipment which combines laser scanning technology and electronic photography technology. It transforms printing information into laser driving signal through control interface. Laser beam with printing information is produced by laser scanning system, and then laser beam is imaged and transferred to printing medium by electronic photography technology. Compared with other printing equipment, laser printer has the advantages of fast printing speed and high printing accuracy.

Ink jet printer is developed after the needle printer. It adopts the non hitting working mode. It has the characteristics of small volume, low noise and many printing media. At present, the main ink-jet printer adopts piezoelectric ink-jet technology and thermal ink-jet technology. In addition to the technical differences between the two, the hot bubble ink-jet printer needs to install nozzles in each ink cartridge, which increases the cost of the ink cartridge; however, the nozzles of the piezoelectric ink-jet printer are integrated in the printer. If the nozzles are damaged or blocked, the whole printer needs to be repaired.

The common printing picture of laser printer is A4. The laser printer of A3 picture is expensive, while the ink-jet printer is easy to make A3 picture, and the price is much cheaper. So if you need to print large picture data frequently, you can choose the ink-jet printer. The printing speed of laser printer is much faster than that of ink-jet printer, so it is necessary to print A4 picture information efficiently. It is recommended to choose laser printer.

The main consumables of laser printer are toner. Now many enterprises choose the toner replacement toner cartridge, which greatly reduces the printing cost; ink-jet printer uses special ink, and some enterprises also introduce the printer with its own continuous supply system, but the relative printing cost will be higher. So in terms of printing cost, the laser printer will have a lower printing cost.

From the above information, we can see that laser printers are generally suitable for office use, where high efficiency and mass printing are required. The inkjet printer is suitable for home use or places with small amount of printing, or where high-precision photos need to be printed. In addition, it should be noted that the ink-jet printer needs to be used frequently. Generally, it is required to print at least one or two pieces every week to avoid nozzle blockage.