Using skill of ink inkjet printer.

- Dec 13, 2019-

In the process of using the color ink jet box of the ink jet printer, pay attention to the balanced use of red, yellow, blue and other colors, and do not only print the pictures with emphasis on one color, because as long as one color is used up in the ink cartridge, even if other colors are not used up, the ink jet box cannot continue to be used. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of the printed image, the more ink will be used. Light color consumes less ink, red or blue composite color needs more than one basic color synthesis, so it needs more ink.

When using the ink jet printer, do not switch on and off the printer frequently, because many types of printers will perform self checking procedures when they are turned on, which will consume ink, and try to gather the materials to be printed together for printing (but at the same time, pay attention not to let the printer continue to work for too long), which will also save ink.

If the integrated ink cartridge print head is blocked, the following measures can be taken to improve it:

1.Immerse the print head (excluding the circuit board) in warm water for about 10-20 minutes, and let the warm water dissolve the dry dye (Note: keep the circuit board dry).

2.Put the print head on several soft and dry paper towels, let the paper towel slowly absorb the residual water and ink of the nozzle, please do not wipe the print head hard. If the ink cartridge needs to be used immediately, it can be put back in the correct position in the printer. If it is not used for the time being, a special print head protection base (clamp) can be purchased for proper storage. The rubber pad in the protection base (clamp) can block the air and keep the nozzle moist for a long time.

Do not print when ink jet printer ink cartridge is short of ink. Printing will burn the nozzle (because it only uses the electric potential nozzle to spray ink and borrow ink to dissipate heat)

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