The scope of die cutting machine

- Sep 07, 2018-

If the entire printed product is cut into a single graphic product, it is called die cutting; if the steel wire is used to press the mark on the printed product or leave the bent groove marks as indentation; if the two templates are used, the mold is passed. Heating to a certain temperature, the pattern or font with a three-dimensional effect on the surface of the printed product is called bronzing; if one substrate is used on another substrate, it is called bonding; the other parts except the genuine one are excluded. For waste disposal; the above can be collectively referred to as die cutting technology.

The scope of die cutting machine

1. Adhesive products: for all kinds of electronics: electrical special rubber pads, silicone stickers, velcro stickers, conductive adhesives, strong double-sided tape, 3M, Sony special stickers, backlight screens, etc., IT industry membrane switch, automobile manufacturing Adhesive products used in the industry.

2, dustproof materials: cotton pad, camera cotton, high density sponge, filter cotton, dust net, non-woven fabric.

3, anti-shock products: pull back rubber pad, rubber, transparent foot pad, PORON pad, 3M, flame retardant EVA, high foaming.

4, insulation material I: fire fast paper, aluminum foil, copper foil, PVC, PET, kraft paper, sponge jacket, pearl jacket.

5, EMI shielding materials: copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive cloth, absorbing materials

6, heat-resistant insulation materials: enamel film, transparent mica film, fiber cloth, insulation cotton (cloth).

Data communication between multiple programmable controllers of die-cutting machine; LCD intelligent operation display, human-machine dialogue; use of optical fiber sensor to detect cursor, precise positioning; digital servo; holographic aluminum foil surface tension control; hot stamping holographic machinery Precision manufacturing technology will continue to be used. In addition to die cutting, it is also required to be able to bronzing and automatic stripping. Taking the CNC die-cutting machine of Kunlun Machinery Co., for example, from paper feeding, die-cutting/hot stamping, to upper and lower lamination/discharging, the final delivery/cutting is completed automatically, and the user does not require absolute high speed. But the requirements are stable and reliable.