The development of engraving machine

- Nov 11, 2019-

I remember an article said that ten foreigners who came to Jinan and nine bought carving machines. It can be seen that China's development in carving machine industry is considerable. Let's see if its development is as wonderful as a movie?

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, engraving machine has become an advanced tool for our modern people to keep pace with the times. It is time-saving, labor-saving, environmental friendly and widely used. In recent years, China's carving machine has developed rapidly, from the previous manual carving to the current machine carving. The carving machine has brought great convenience to people, not only saving the carving time, but also improving the carving technology. The emergence of carving machine has also driven the development of many industries, such as art glass carving machine, woodworking carving machine, stone carving machine, CNC carving machine and so on. Presumably, we all know that modern carving machines are gradually developed. Do you know the origin of carving machines? Do you know the carving machine of history?

Sculpture can be traced back to ancient times. The "human mesh basin" of Banpo clan culture in the matriarchal clan period is the prototype of sculpture. In the Northern Song Dynasty, movable type printing was invented. The characters engraved here should belong to the category of carving. With the development of the times, China's carving art is becoming more and more exquisite. Jade carving, ivory carving, red wood carving, seal carving clay figurine and other hand carving techniques can be called unique.

The traditional carving processing industry is a highly technical manual skill, and the quality of carving products depends entirely on the skill level of the carver, so the production efficiency is low, the cost is high, and the randomness and consistency of the products are poor, which seriously restricts the development of the carving industry. This makes the carving machine inevitable.

Since the 1990s, mechanical carving has gained development. From the initial engraving machine, seal engraving machine to three-dimensional engraving machine, the production process is also increasingly mature, and the application range is also increasingly wide. From the decoration of buildings to the signboards in front of the shops and even the identification plates of many products, it can be said that the use of sculpture is everywhere Carving machine, as the name implies, is a kind of equipment that uses machinery instead of manual carving.

In 1938, the manual engraving machine came out in "Jiabao" of France. In 1950, "Jiabao" produced a real electric and scalable manual engraving machine. Then the United States, Japan and other countries began to develop. In the 1990s, with the rapid development of microelectronics technology, the rapid development of microcomputers was directly promoted. Micro electronic technology and micro-computer technology drive the rapid development of the whole high-tech group, which makes the engraving machine produce a qualitative leap. The carving machine has completed the transformation from 2d-2.5d-3d processing. The basic requirements for the development of carving machine are perfect function, stable character, beautiful shape and reasonable price.

Up to now, there are many kinds of engraving machines, such as fiber laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, etc., which can find the shadow of scientific and technological development. Their development has saved a lot of human and material resources and financial resources for product engraving and processing. I believe that with the progress of the times, the development of engraving machine industry will be better and better.