Structure of CNC engraving machine

- Aug 20, 2020-

CNC engraving machine is mainly composed of engraving machine tool, electric control cabinet, control computer, engraving control software and other basic parts, while engraving machine tool is composed of worktable base, fixed worktable, mobile gantry and spindle. The spindle cutter moves in the x-axis and z-axis direction, and the gantry moves in the y-axis direction.

CNC engraving system is mainly composed of two relatively independent parts.

① Engraving CAD / CAM software: it is used for graphic design, shape modeling and calculation of processing path data of carving products, and outputs NC codes that can be recognized, interpreted and finally completed by CNC engraving machine.

② CNC engraving equipment: engraving machine tool, which is the specific implementation part of CNC engraving, can interpret NC machining code output by engraving CAD / CAM software, execute various complex processing actions described by machining code, and complete engraving production tasks.

Structure of CNC engraving machine