production methods

- Sep 01, 2018-

Establish an effective production arrangement plan, so as to continuously enhance corporate reputation and corporate image, and help enterprises to embark on brand management.

1. Garment template machine is the best equipment for garment template cutting. It is compatible with CAD of any clothing in the market. Computer operation and garment template cutting are carried out at the same time, data transmission is completed quickly, cutting is fast and the lines are smooth.

2, the clothing template uses environmentally friendly cutting design, no toxic gas, no pollution, inorganic corrosion; consumables saving, more energy-efficient than laser cutting, only 1/5.

3, clothing template machine can easily replace different types of tools, with full cut, half cut cutting and indentation, engraving and other functions, greatly improve the efficiency of clothing template application.

4. The garment template machine realizes the flexible corresponding multi-angle slotting by thoroughly researching the slotting of the garment template, and can obtain the standard requirements for the slotting of the garment template and the net model of the garment.

5. The automatic tool setting function of the garment template machine greatly facilitates the replacement of the blade of the garment template cutting machine.

6. The garment template machine is equipped with professional clothing template process design software, which greatly facilitates the design and production of clothing template.

7, the use of clothing template supporting template electronic tug, greatly improving the quality of clothing.

production methods

The clothing template and the electronic tugboat have changed the traditional way of operation, which has integrated the efficient production methods needed by the new era, realized the maximization of production efficiency, and greatly reduced the product repair rate, improved product quality and saved production. Time, balance the production process, the flow line is smoother, ensure the reasonable control of the production plan and production schedule, and fundamentally improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise and maximize the profit of the enterprise.