Main features and functions

- Sep 02, 2018-

The development of the times and the advancement of science and technology are relative to the old ones. The problems of human beings will be constantly solved and constantly bred, but this is also the basis for the progress of human civilization. Now the performance of the clothes is not just a shame, it is so easy to keep warm, and the various clothes are designed and produced at various angles around the world. The problem now is not only the amount of the product, but also the amount of style.

According to different styles, different fabrics are cut, so that the demand for garment patterns in the production process is greatly increased. The most original pattern, of course, is artificial painting. Now in some small workshops, we can also see the process of manually drawing and then cutting with electric scissors. It has been two or three hundred years since the machine replaced the artificial industrial revolution. There is no sign that the current momentum has to stop, so there is no need to elaborate and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of machines and labor in all aspects.

Flat cutting machine

It is perfect for continuous cutting on 2mm thick cardboard.

Widely used in clothing, shoes and luggage industry.

Main features and functions

Automatic paper feeder that supports continuous drawing and cutting of long trusses.

A separate reel mechanism delivers continuous, unrestricted transport of the web.

The special durable material makes the cut table smooth, easy to cut and low cost.

The hard design is used to cut a variety of materials: cardboard, PVC and plastic sheets.

Electrostatic adsorption, safe and noise free.

1) Adopting European advanced multi-axis interpolation technology, the performance is stable and the precision is high.

2) The self-developed transmission software realizes multi-version transmission and page-change cutting.

3) Adopting imported Italian linear guides and timing belts to ensure accuracy and achieve zero error in repeating cutting accuracy of samples.

4) LCD screen, easy to operate and easy to learn.

5) Can be connected to any CAD software, widely used in clothing, luggage, shoes, electronics and other industries.