Main factors affecting the price of CNC engraving machine

- Sep 19, 2018-

Everyone knows that the configuration of various engraving machines produced and sold by different CNC engraving machine manufacturers is very different. The price of CNC engraving machines also varies greatly. What factors will affect the price of CNC engraving machine?

1. Is the structure of the engraving machine reasonable?

The engraving machine is divided into a column type and a gantry type according to the structure, and the gantry type can also be divided into a fixed gantry type and a moving gantry type, wherein the column type and the fixed gantry type engraving machine are much more rigid. According to the material, it can be divided into aluminum alloy, steel plate, cast iron and other materials. The weight is increased in turn, and the rigidity is increased in turn. As long as the steel is not milled, wood, jade, copper, aluminum and other materials are carved, or lightly milled copper and aluminum. Such as soft metal, aluminum alloy frame can fully meet the requirements.

In addition, the motion structure is also very important. It is a ball screw or a T-type screw. It is a round rail or a square rail. If it is a linear bearing or a self-lubricating bearing, the screw does not have to use a ball screw. To see whether it is made in China or imported, the price is such that the self-lubricating bearing round rail = twice the price of the domestic linear bearing round rail, the domestic square rail = twice the price of the self-lubricating bearing round rail, the Taiwanese production square rail = 2 times the domestic party Rail price, Nissan square rail = 2 times the price of Taiwan's production rail; Taiwan's ball screw price = 2 ~ 3 times the price of domestic ball screw.

2. Is the electrical performance of the system stable?

The electrical performance of the system mainly depends on the anti-interference ability of the electronic control part. The general electronic control points are mach3 control and Weihong card control. Relatively speaking, the performance of the Weihong card is very stable, but the mach USB version control card is also very stable. Most of the engraving deformations that are often seen are controlled by the parallel port mach3. The performance of this parallel port mach3 is the most unstable. It may be okay to change the computer. It may be impossible to get the rule of law. It is recommended to use Weihong card or USB mach3. In addition, The wiring of the electric control box is reasonable, and the shielding is good. It is also a necessary condition for anti-interference. The simple test is that at the moment of power-on, if the stepping motor moves slightly, then the anti-interference is not done well.

3. Does the effective itinerary meet the demand?

Depending on the length, width and height of the largest piece you need to engrave, but don't just pursue a big stroke, it's enough.

4. Is the performance of the spindle motor good?

If you are a commodity, then you must use a water-cooled spindle. It is best to use a 4-bearing water-cooled spindle for dry work, otherwise the life is relatively low.

5. The engraving speed of the engraving machine is not fast?

The speed often determines the efficiency of the forming of the work. Under normal circumstances, the engraving effect can meet the requirements, of course, the faster the engraving speed, the better. The speed is not simply linked directly to the F value, but depends on the motor acceleration. The larger the acceleration value can be, the closer the actual engraving speed can be to the F value. The acceleration and the end of the running line are greatly affected by the acceleration. For the F value, the lower the F value, the better the engraving quality. The higher the acceleration value, the more accurate the transition segment. The premise of the machine is sufficient, and the stepper motor and the driver are sufficient.