Introduction to the development direction of die cutting machine

- Sep 04, 2018-

Die-cutting machines refer to a wide-roll material that reduces longitudinal grooving equipment, and each industry is based on the material characteristics of its cutting equipment in use, and now we have come from the use classification to find.

A section of a metal coil (such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, copper and other materials), mainly used in the metal processing industry (stainless steel products factory, steel market operators, rolling mills, electronics, automotive, stamping industry); leather , fabrics, plastics, films and other materials related to the industry section.

For paper cutting, this must be considered in the paper packaging industry, as such devices are common on the market because of the general consumer goods. Metal cutting machine features: from the uncoiler (unwinder), straightening machine. Reference material positioning, cutting equipment (grooving equipment) winders (stackers) and other components. Its main function is to set the width, the length of the feed roller is cut into a narrow coil has a certain scale, in order to prepare for other future processing. Advantages of metal cutting machine: reasonable layout, simple operation, high degree of automation, high efficiency, high working precision, processing various rolls, hot rolled coil, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color steel, aluminum and post-plating or post-coating Various metal roller watches.

Introduction to the development direction of die cutting machine

1. A traditional self-adhesive label printing machine manufacturer. Production has entered a difficult period, and production and sales have been declining year by year. The reason is mainly the increase in production and sales of high-tech products, high-efficiency rotary satellite trademark printers and flexographic printing presses. The printing and continuous circular die-cutting production efficiency is much higher than intermittent printing and intermittent flat pressing. Die-cut production equipment.

2. Round die-cut die-cutting is the best die-cutting method for high-volume printed packaging products. It has been used in connection printing and packaging equipment such as flexographic printing production lines, form printing machines, corrugated printing slotting die-cutting machines, rotary self-adhesive label printing machines, gravure printing and die-cutting production lines. With the development of printing technology, especially the improvement of the processing technology of the circular die-cutting cylinder, the application range of the circular die-cutting will be more extensive, and the production efficiency of die-cutting will be further improved.

3. With the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, the scale of the company continues to expand. The application market of fully automatic flat die cutting machines will continue to expand. In contrast, the sales market of semi-automatic flat die-cutting and creasing machine will further decline. In addition to the reasons of low productivity and high labor intensity of operators, the safety is poor, and the drawbacks of industrial accidents are easy to occur, which is the main reason for its decline. reason. However, due to the large gap in the scale of China's printing and packaging industry, this equipment will have a certain market and will still play a role.