How to use vinyl cutter to make vinyl cutting circuit

- Apr 09, 2020-

       Vinyl cutting machine has brought great convenience to our daily life, so how to operate it? Let's briefly introduce its operation steps next

       Step 1: design circuit constraints

       For a vinyl cutter, you only need one profile, check all profiles to make sure that no paths are skipped. If the profile sticks your two parts together, you can reduce the tool diameter to an unrealistic level - the tool is indeed 0.01, but changing it to, for example, 0.005 may maintain the integrity of the circuit, even if all parts may be smaller than you require. Similarly, if you have a large circuit spacing, you can make the circuit wider by pretending that the tool is wider than it is.

       Step 2: cut the circuit

       You can use the slider on the right control panel of the vinyl cutter to dynamically adjust the pen force while cutting the circuit and observing the black glue cutter. If the stroke is adjusted to a smaller trace to make it lighter and a larger trace, the stroke is larger and the effect is good.

       Step 3: move the circuit to the base

       All relative positions of the circuit itself must be maintained. Therefore, the basic idea of making the circuit is to lift all the cut copper cables with tape, then place them on the circuit board, and finally remove the redundant copper cables.

       Step 4: secure the circuit to the foundation

       3M 1126 conductive tape has pressure set, which means it will stick once pressed. To secure the circuit to your base, you need to push the copper as full as possible. I keep the masking tape on the circuit for protection and wipe it with scissors or flat sides of a ruler.

        Step 5: weeding circuit

        Now you need to clamp all the extra copper into the circuit. Likewise, you want to strip the copper as sharply as possible so that the rest of the copper that makes up the circuit is exactly where it is. The easiest way is not to try to keep the excess as a piece of copper, but to cut it off as much as possible

        Step 6: welding circuit

        Welding is the same as welding on any other PCB. However, when welding, you may find that some of the wires are looser than needed. Solve these problems by applying extra pressure in the tracking.