How to change the knife of the paper cutter?

- Oct 22, 2020-

1. When the paper cutter is changing the knife, when the blade drops to the lowest position (in contact with the blade), close the switch and stop, and the brakes all stop.

2. When the old blade is removed and replaced with a new one (or reground), check whether the α angle of the blade is basically compatible with the cutting resistance of the material to be cut, and then wipe the blade from top to bottom with a machine cloth. It is strictly prohibited Rub against or along the blade to avoid bruising.

3. Loosen the bolt that fixes the blade and exposed outside the knife seat, put it on the screw hole with a T-type screw pliers, rotate the screw pliers to lower the cutter, make the blade quietly contact the backing plate, and then unscrew the bolt. The cutter disposer is screwed into the hole of the cutter and tightened, the knife holder is raised to the original position, the blade is left below, and the cutter disposer at both ends is pinched with both hands, and the blade is removed and placed on the wooden (or plastic) ) Inside the knife box.

4. When changing a new knife, you must be careful not to touch any hard objects to keep the blade sharp.

5. The top and bottom of the tool change should be appropriate and not too high. If it is too high, the knife holder will be lowered openly, and the knife holder will touch the paper when cutting and pressing, and the cut paper will be broken by pressure and form waste. When changing the knife, insist that only the blade touches the paper when cutting the paper, and the knife holder cannot touch the paper. Also pay attention to the level of blade deepening in the backing plate (knife strip) to be appropriate, not too high or too low. If it is too high, the paper stack cannot be cut through (the bottom sheet shows a joint knife); if it is too low, after the blade is pressed down and cut, the paper will be pressed into the knife mark of the backing plate, and the paper stack will tear when it is taken out. Sheets or damage to the backing board, the most serious and even lead to knife collapse. The depth of the ordinary blade pressed into the backing plate is preferably 0.3-1 mm. And according to its length, cut the paper roll completely.

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