Hot press working principle

- Aug 18, 2018-

A hot press is a process in which two parts of a pre-good flux tinned are heated to a temperature sufficient to melt and flow the solder. After curing, a permanent electromechanical connection between the part and the solder is formed. Should be different products, the heating rate can be selected. The titanium alloy indenter ensures an average temperature, fast heating and long service life. The indenter is specially designed with a horizontal adjustment to ensure that the components are pressured average. The temperature is numerically controlled and clear and precise. A digital pressure gauge is available to preset the pressure range.

The hot press is also known as the bonding machine. According to different media of hot pressing, it can be divided into soldering, ACF (asymmetrical conductive tape), ACP (asymmetrical conductive glue), and TBF (hot melt adhesive film). Suitable for FPC (flexible circuit board), HSC (zebra paper), TAB and LCD and PCB connection. Since the Pitch of PCB or FPC in consumer electronics tends to be small, the conventional soldering process has been difficult to meet the requirements of extremely fine hot pressing.

Pulse heating principle, due to the special design of the surface of the welding head, the resistance of the welding surface is very small, and the current will pass through the section with the smallest resistance. By constantly changing the voltage, the current level is adjusted and it is quickly heated by the welding head.

Can be divided into: constant temperature hot press, pulse hot press, double station hot press, double indenter pulse hot press, desktop hot press, etc.


1. Using pulse heating technology, the temperature control is accurate, and the temperature sampling frequency is 0.1s.

2. Diversified working modes such as single working platform, rotating working platform, and left and right mobile platforms.

3, multi-stage heating control.

4. Real-time temperature curve display.

5, silicone with indexing mechanism.

6, CCD vision system, providing accurate alignment.

7, large-capacity programs are pre-stored.

8, touch operation interface, program password protection.