Die cutting machine cutting point can be adjusted

- Sep 03, 2018-

Many incorrect operations on the die-cutting machine can affect the product to varying degrees.

The cutting point of the die-cutting machine can be adjusted:

1. The work of the module is completed, it will cut the material in the plastic film, then the tool on the material, and then feed the board to advance the harvesting area.

2. Using both hands, press the die-cutting machine to cut the switch, then cut the pressure roller die-cutting machine, die-cutting machine, and stop the material before automatically starting to recover position.

3. In the stamped material, if the material is found to be not completely cut, adjust the depth of cut controller, the die-cutting machine will rotate the "pressure" system in the direction of twisting clockwise, and the knife will be molded into the plastic film too deep, it will. The "pressure system" is adjusted counterclockwise and then deep cut, trying to adapt the mold to a slightly pressed single date.

4. The die-cutting machine will pull the cutting area of the feeding plate and remove the material to complete a cutting process. The die-cutting machine method is mainly used for continuous feeding, that is, there is always some overlap between the front and back sheets. This means smooth, fast, but the rapid adjustment of positioning before this article has a huge impact, the power of the paper roll or rebound, leading to positioning permission. The ideal die cutting machine cutting speed should be guaranteed at the same time, the paper feed table moving speed as low as possible. Secondly, the die-cutting machine chain guides the positioning and direction of the chain and the thickness of the rail to the right of the segment, which can be embedded in the chain. The distance between the upper and lower rails must ensure that the chain passes smoothly, too small and increases driving resistance; it is too easy to beat the chain. The length of the chain has a certain impact on the performance of the rail machine, and these factors must be taken into account in this process.