Classification of flat die cutting machine

- Sep 05, 2018-

Classification of flat die cutting machine

The vertical type has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy to grasp its operation and replacement of the die-cutting indentation plate, but the labor intensity is large, the production efficiency is low, and the number of work per minute is 20 times to 30 times, which is often used for small batch production. .

The platen and the platen working surface of the horizontal flat die-cutting machine are horizontally positioned, and the lower platen is driven by the mechanism to press upward against the plate to perform die-cutting and indentation.

Since the stroke of the horizontal die-cutting machine press plate is small, it is difficult to manually insert or remove the paperboard, so it usually has an automatic paper feeding system, and its overall structure is similar to that of a sheet-fed offset printing machine. Input system, die-cut part, cardboard output part, and electrical control, mechanical transmission, etc., and some also have automatic cleaning device.

The horizontal flat die cutting machine works safely and reliably, and its automation degree and production efficiency are relatively high. It is an advanced model in the flat die cutting machine.

Several Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Flat Die Cutting Machine

1. Paper cutting speed: The automatic flat die cutting machine has a very fast cutting speed, which is several times higher than the previous die cutting machine. The cutting speed is the guarantee of the efficiency of the whole die cutting machine;

2. Paper feeding size and height: With the development of the design process, the automatic feeding die-cutting machine continuously increases the paper feeding size and height, and can die-cut more different types of cardboard products;

3. Paper feeding method: The traditional paper feeding method is carried out by using a conveyor belt. The new type of pen is the automatic paper-absorbing technology adopted, and the automatic paper-absorbing technology can achieve the characteristics of fast and accurate paper-absorbing;

4. Stability of die-cutting machine: The current die-cutting machine technology is relatively mature, and the die-cutting speed and accuracy are very stable. Therefore, the stability of the flat die-cutting machine has been very good.