4 tips for laser engraving machine maintenance

- Sep 20, 2020-

Like any other machine, the laser engraving machine needs maintenance to keep it in top condition. Generally, the smoke and debris from carving materials (such as wood, acrylic resin and textiles) will not only collect in the workbench tray, but also fall into the gaps of the machine or the vents and exhaust gas of the machine.

Here are some tips on how to clean the laser engraver to keep it in top condition.

Clean the lens and mirror

One of the best ways to keep the laser engraving machine at its best performance is to clean the optics (mirrors and lenses) weekly. Smoke, resin and other contaminants can accumulate inside the mirror and lens, which not only reduces the available power of the laser, but may also damage the optics.

laser engraving machine maintenance

To clean the optics, you only need to use a high-quality cotton swab dipped in an optical cleaner. The lens and mirror are in a single component, which can be removed from the machine for cleaning. After moistening the cotton swab with detergent, soak the cotton dry to prevent it from getting wet, then gently wipe the optical element, rotating the cotton swab after each application to expose the clean cotton cloth to the surface until there is no visible contamination on the optical element.

After using the cotton swab, please use a fresh cotton swab to complete the cleaning, and make sure to avoid scrubbing any surface, otherwise the optics may be damaged. After cleaning, please dry the optical components before operating the engraving machine.

Vent maintenance

Like any frequently used machine, the ventilation holes of the laser engraving machine will be blocked by dust and other materials and need to be cleaned to make the engraving machine work properly. To clean the ventilation holes of the engraving machine, use a flexible plastic or steel wire brush that can extend into the ventilation holes. In addition, the downwind duct mouth also needs to be cleaned using similar methods.

Keep the desktop clean

The debris tray is a part of the laser engraving machine, which is used to collect small debris that falls into the vector cutting table of the machine during use. The crumb tray should be located under the vector table, it should be kept clean, and the crumbs falling on the table should be removed regularly.

laser engraving machine desktop

To clean the debris tray, open the front access door of the laser, slide the tray out of the front of the device, and dispose of all debris. If the crumb tray is not kept clean, the accumulation of soot and crumbs may become a fire hazard over time.

Exhaust port inspection

In order to clean the rear exhaust vent of the laser engraving machine, please remove the duct from the back of the machine and check it. Then, if necessary, clean the two exhaust ports and the connected pipes.