Power Press Heat Press

Item No: SD05
Weight: 27kg 32kg 38kg
Working size: 15"x15",16"x20",16"x24"
Packing size: 73*48*43.5cm 83*61*43.5cm 81*71*44.5cm
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Product Details

power press heat press





Temperature range


Time range



2200 /2800 /3500(w)

Packing size

73*48*43.5cm , 83*61*43.5cm,  81*71*44.5cm

Working size



27kg /32kg/ 38kg


Digital control system, liquid crystal display LCD controller display, high precision, and has a fine adjustment knob;

Full digital display, high time accuracy;

The heating tube and the heating plate are cast as one body, which is safe, durable and evenly heated, and has strong thermal conductivity;

The heating plate is sprayed with Teflon anti-adhesive coating, which can replace the traditional high-temperature cloth and can be used for a long time;

The bottom plate is equipped with high temperature resistant foamed silica gel, which is resistant to 350 degrees without deformation;

Adjustable pressure and easy operation.

The overall laser cutting, no one welding, the appearance is exquisite and stylish!

Power Press Heat Press


1.Full-wrapped Foam Package Inside with Hard Carton Outside.
2.PVC Bag and Foam Inside with Strong Wooden Case Outside.

How can I receive your goods?

If you order little quantities(below 50KG)you could use DHL, TNT , UPS   or other air express company to delivery your goods ,delivery time  usually 3-4 working days, they will send the product you order to your  address .If you order large quantities, you could use sea delivery, and you need to go to your nearest seaport to take your goods, delivery time usually 30-40days For more details, please contact with us.

How to use the heat press machine:

Step 1: Insert the power cord into one place.

Step 2: Turn on the 2 power switches.

Step 3: Adjust the time and temperature required. (See time and temperature settings for details)

Step 4: After adjusting the temperature gauge, schedule and pressure, wait for the machine to heat up.

Step 5: After the temperature rise is completed, the 4 thermometers will light a small green light.

Step 6: Place the items to be printed on 5 silicone pads.

Step 7: After the items are placed smoothly, press the 8 handles for 2-3 seconds. Flatten the clothes, put them on the transfer paper (the pattern surface is facing the hot stamp), and finally put the high temperature cloth, press the 8 handles to start pressing.

Step 8: After the hot stamping is completed, the buzzer sounds and the pressure lever is lifted.

Step 9: Remove the hot items. If the cold torn hot paper, please wait 5-10 seconds to cool the hot stamping paper, then tear off the hot paper. If it is hot torn hot paper, please stamp the hot stamping paper immediately.

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