Digital Heat Press

Item No: SD06C
Power: 2200 2800 3500(w)
Working size: 15"x15",16"x20",16"x24"
Packing size: 76*50*55cm 89*54*54cm 89*54*54cm
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Product Details

Digital heat press


Item No.: SD06C

Voltage: 220v/110v

Temperature range: 0-250°C

Time range: 0-999Sec

Power: 2200 2800 3500(w)

Working size:  15"x15",16"x20",16"x24"

Packing size: 76*50*55cm / 89*54*54cm / 89*54*54cm

Weight: 40kg / 45kg / 50kg


1. The heating plate adopts special ultra-precision wire tube technology, which can effectively ensure the temperature balance and peace;

2. Full digital temperature time display, small temperature error

3. Spiral pressure design, can easily adjust the required working pressure;

4. Designed according to the principle of leverage, the appearance is beautiful and exquisite


1. Pressure: If the pressure is not enough or too large, adjust the pressure screw to increase the pressure in the clockwise direction and reduce the pressure in the counterclockwise direction.

2. Time: When the hot stamping time arrives and the buzzer does not ring or keeps ringing, check whether the micro switch contact point in the tail box is moderate. If it is not suitable, adjust it to the appropriate position.

3. Temperature: Preheat for about 15 minutes. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating indicator will be off, and hot stamping can be started. If the heating plate does not heat up for a few minutes after starting up, please check the line.

4. When the handle is pressed down to the bottom, the hand is released and the handle is automatically raised back. Please adjust the adjusting nut above the heating plate downwards; when the hot stamping is completed, the handle can be lifted upwards, and the adjusting screw can be lifted upwards. Adjustment.

Operation Steps:

1, plug in the power, turn on the power switch

2, set the temperature and time

3, put the clothing materials to be heat-painted on the work surface, then put the prepared fine thermal transfer picture on the clothing material, and finally press the handle down

4, the time will count down, when the retreat to zero, the machine will report, then we just need to pull the handle up.

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